Plus Your Followers

This project is made of 3 steps:


​1) Sharing of the W series post on Sunday. This post redirects people to this website. All those resharing this post are included in the Special Thanks Circle. More people visit this website, the more visibility you and the STC get. 


​2) The SPECIAL THANKS CIRCLE link is published in the Home Page every Sunday for 1 week. This circle is refreshed every week, so if you forget to share the W series post for that week, that week you will not appear in the Special Thanks Circle. Those included in this circle are the MOST ACTIVE G+ USERS. Moreover all those resharing the ST Circle are included in the major circle share B series.


​3) CIRCLE SHARE B SERIES is posted every Thursday. This is the main big circle sharing. To be included you must add me or add the circle and share it. In this circle i can add people according to my personal taste such as friends, interesting people, etc. Even though sharing this circle is made in a more relaxed way, after a certain period of time all those not resharing this circle are removed in order to make room for active G+ users. 

Join the PYF community: "Your G+ by nations" so that people can discover your profile.